December 1, 2010

From the shoebox

End of November photo, a cold dusk down the street when out with the dog. Now first day of December and it is just pouring, sheets of water, getting soaked during errands on a day off. Tossing paper scraps - some good stuff. This site for the over fifty set, was created by a 16 year old Maryland girl for her grandfather - a search with larger font and search box. Two great books to consider as a Christmas gift - the Poets Laureates book which has poetry from all the Poet Laureates of the USA (the Poetry Society of America recently had their centenniel celebration and this was being touted), and of course the book I am awaiting in the mail to receive, Dogs Singing, which I will shamelessly continue to recommend since it's a wonderful collection, it benefits dog charities, and I have three poems in it :)
Still time to make someone a cute toy - interlibrary-loaned myself this book and found it charming. Our libraries do not own this book - the title alone has great appeal for a mermaid type like me, however I have not seen it but it sounds great and it is by the fabulous Claire Murray of rughooking fame. Plus the site this is linked to looks like fun for sea-lovers. and lastly - if you have one of those new shiny fridges that look great but magnets don't stick to it - you can play with this fake fridge and make up cool stuff with the poetry magnets. Enjoy! Happy Chanukah to everyone.

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