May 3, 2010

See the world spinning 'round...

Day after day, alone on a hill,
the man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still
but nobody wants to know him,
they can see that he's just a fool,
and he never gives an answer,
but the fool on the hill,
sees the sun going down, and the eyes in his head,
see the world spinning 'round.

Well on the way, head in a cloud,
the man of a thousand voices talking perfectly loud
but nobody ever hears him or the sound he appears to make,
and he never seems to notice,
but the fool on the hill sees the sun going down,
and the eyes in his head see the world spinning 'round.

I have always loved this song - when they get to the round and round and round part it makes me remember how it is as a kid on a swing when you lean your head far back and close your eyes and you are still swinging but nearly upside down, sunlight and shadow splashing light and dazzle through your closed eyelids...(and if I tried that now I would most definitely black out!).


mollygolver said...

I loved this song too Susan. I think the words are very deep and thought provoking.

Anonymous said...

Susan, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and offering such kind words. I appreciate it. I love the peacefulness of your blog. I'll be stopping by often!