May 8, 2010

Gulf thoughts

News coverage has swiftly moved on to the Times Square attempted bombing and the ridiculous way the airlines nearly let the suspect get away (you make my ten year old take off his shoes and empty his pockets, but you don't check the no fly list until after the plane heads out towards the runway?), and the usual news of greed, mayhem, and bad behavior in general, not to mention a strange obsession the news has with Lady Gaga (whose entire Madonna wannabe only not as much fun career leaves me feeling that I am too old for these times because I find her redundant and curiously dull)...and what about the Gulf? Hard to find a line of information about the BP teams trying to cap the well, the oil slicking out, the wildlife and coast, the dying sea turtles...well, the news media may have moved on, but many people I know are holding concern and heartache for the area uppermost in their minds and hope that the powers that be are putting every effort into trying to save the coast and the wildlife, people and creatures whose lives are so intertwined with the sea.


nan said...

I was just reflecting on this "intertwining" last night! If I were hungry, and it is impossible to sometimes see/taste/feel the pollution that can cause cancer 3 years down the road, how do I not eat the food I am used to -- that looks so good, smells good, to me? I feel like it is the poison apple . . . and the hungry are lured in. Where is the responsibility? They need to stop that flow yesterday and clean it up as quickly as they can!!

mollygolver said...

Let's hope and pray that the funnels work - so much at stake.

Stephanie said...

This opains me to no end. This is my part of the world. My family's history. I can not take it. I wish I was a Genie and able to reverse time, plug the hole, something. It hearts my heart, my very being to think of it.