May 27, 2010

more BEA

It was so hot in NYC today - 95 degrees plus - that they pulled the horses off the street by noon. What was cool? This giant, if nonworking, typewriter, a princess promoting the "next Harry Potter", a book called The Last Princess and the cup of Immortality (who knows, points for dressing up) next to yrs truly looking beany. What's scarier than that? Having to wear the banana costume - a good sport. By far the winner of takes chutzpah to show-up award goes to Fergie signing books for people in a line that never ended...say what they will about recent flurries of low rent behavior - showing up where one is expected and doing the job when the paparazzi dogs are on the scent is a courageous act. I'll be going through my stash of catalogs and gathered pamplets etc on my (infrequently posted upon) library blog in a couple of days - although a shout-out right now to the Storey people - I used to purchase their little how-to books on making wreaths (and did so) and raising chickens and bees (as if) back in the day when we thought we might grow up and be farmers...I wanted to own every book they had out - and got a great signed book by Sherri Brooks Vinton called Put 'em Up! She assured me even I cannot poison my crew. Hmmm... pickled kirbys, anyone?

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mollygolver said...

Hi Susan. 95 degree wow that is hot! It has been quite cold here today. The wind has been strong on times and I've worn my fleece for most of the day. Love your pics. Poor Fergie. She's in deep trouble here. I suppose she made the wrong decision for the right reasons - she is passionate about the charity she supports and wanted to raise as much money as possible. It seems Prince Andrew is looking on it as a bit of a joke but HM is not amused!