December 20, 2009

Sunday Quote

...At night on snowshoes on the drifting field
He wondered again, for whom had love stirred?
The stars glittered on the snow and nothing answered.
Then the Swan spread her wings, cross of the cold north,
The pattern and mirror of the acts of earth.

-Galway Kinnell, To Christ Our Lord


Nan said...

That is really lovely. I must buy a book of his poetry. I saw him a couple years ago and wrote about it:

I mean to go outdoors at night. It is so different from the daytime. Why don't I?

Susan said...

What a great event - Maxine Kumin, Donald Hall and GK! I would have enjoyed that a great deal. (I think we stay inside at night 'cause that's where the warm quilts are!)

dylan said...

what is this beautiful photograph, susan? (and thank you for the poem)

Susan said...

The photograph is the first snow falling at night in our yard.