December 29, 2009


Having way too much fun with the scanner that is part of the new Christmas printer. The photo thing not working so great - everyone looks like a Dali painting, meltingly surreal, but the scanner - this could create problems. I could become a scanner addict. I am scanning children's drawings, relatives' obits, photos, cut- out art and bits of personal history - here, like a crow looking for the shiny bits, I collected snatches of quotes, song lyrics, poetry, and anything that appealed and put in little notebooks...this one circa 1973. No, lovely large painting not mine but a cut-out from somewhere forgotten.


Cait O'Connor said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, especially as it has led me to yours, a wonderful discovery indeed which I love. The alphabetical list in your sidebar is a gem too, so many of my loves there.
I shall call again.

jodi said...

Absolutely beautiful to look at.

Susan said...

Thank you! and how fun that my captcha reads "hootem".