December 3, 2009

A small Christmas shopping round-up

It doesn't get much better than octopus earrings if you are a fan of our tentacled friends. These earrings are pretty gorgeous as well - love the green. Speaking of green, could not believe someone was selling this - but I guarantee there will be takers - an awful lot of Twihard fans out there! Found this Cryptozoological Play Set at my go to place for silly fun stuff (someone will get this in a stocking, I betcha). On the completely different end of things - here is one of my favorite quotes beautifully illustrated (someday I am going to buy this for myself). Another someday personal purchase will be a print from this artist (we have one already of Jonah and the whale)- this might be a good gift for a mermaid lover. That said, most of my suggestions are probably a bit quirky but I did see some octopus ornaments at Anthropologie today so it seems that I am not alone in my tastes :)


Nan said...

One of the shocks of my life came when I found out people actually ATE octopus. Oh, yuck.

Susan said...

Snails, too. I mean - snails?