February 7, 2009

Time to start thinking CAKE

The oldest son was the baby of the family for ten years until his brother came along. I made him a dinosaur cake when he was five or six and somewhere along the way starting making him "the cake". Only he gets a special cake - and having shifted from baby to middle child, it only seems fair that once a year there is a reminder that he is still just as special to me...because these are labor intensive. Will look for others...unfortunately some of the best older ones (such as the Evolution cake and the Island of Doom are not in the computer...) these two were the Surrender Earthlings cake and the Son and his Girlfriend save the World Playstation come to life cakes. His next cake to be made shortly.


Anonymous said...

Pfft. Other children resent the middle child for his cakes. The oldest requests a really interesting healthy sort of cake with lots of fruits for her bday.

Anonymous said...

S - Wonderful to see the cake progression over the years! I suspect one is never too old for cake (dontcha know) so you have quite a tradition to carry on. xo J