February 24, 2009

Another year, another (frightful!) cake

This year's "Carnage Cake" carried the Forest Gump-like theme: "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know when alien parasites will attack you and eat your (edible gummy) heart"...I know, dreadful! But we have our Island of Doom, our Sacrificial Virgin to the Volcano, our Giant Japanese Crab eats a Power Ranger...the theme must go on... I just want to know if next year's "21" cake means I'll be off the hook and can just buy the boy an ice cream cake?


alison said...

I showed my son the cake and he thought it was awesome. We talked about which part we'd want if we could have a piece - he chose the mouth and I chose the hair because it looked chocolaty - so now we need to know, what IS the hair?

Susan said...

The hair is chocolate icing and on top of that are "ringlets" of chocolate covered pretzels! The mouth is actually a madeleine cookie split in half and the teeth are white good n' plenty candies. The ears were also madeleine cookies. Extra info - tell your son the guts behind the gummy worms/gummy heart/and emerging parasite was strawberry pie filling!

Robyn said...

LOL....I will be smiling all day!