February 17, 2009

My new vocation

A bit stressed lately. Which has led to the thoughts of a new vocation when I become miraculously independently wealthy. After a Saturday afternoon in the insanely crowded Maritime, the calm place was with the jellies. Sun coating the walls and the music of the bubbling tanks. A researcher was doing something with eyedroppers and water and papers (ph testing?) that looked intensely absorbing and calming. All the noise of the (horridly shrieking) children and noisy families faded. Yes. I will grow jellies. In the morning I will hang out with the jellies. We will sit in the sun. I will read them poetry. We will bask and bathe and bliss out. We will be jelliful.


alison said...

Hi Susan,
I love these jellies photos - those are the exact critters I worried about while wading in the ocean last week!

I checked out your poems on anderbo and loved them all. It was no surprise they were all beautiful - your blog posts themselves read like poetry!

Susan said...

Thanks, Alison!