December 18, 2008

Storm moving in

or so the husband reports. I'll have to run out to the store tomorrow and get ingredients for the great cookie bake - ah, snow falling, house smelling of ginger, carols playing on the cd machine...hmmm...better make sure we have flashlights and batteries to boot and charge the cell phones - in our cul-de-sackish road graced by large and gorgeous trees, we get a ton of blackouts.
Submitted a bunch of poems and realized upon review so many of them mention dogs. White dogs. Old white dogs. Could they be Emmy? Hmmm. Here she is in an action pose under a "stained glass" summer camp creation by James the younger.
Happy snow, everybody.


joey said...

Stay warm and cozy, Susan. You're in for a doozy if today's weather here is headed your way ... under a winter storm advisory ... it's snowing like mad, expecting 10-12 inches.

Anonymous said...

I love the snow, don't mind the shovelling, I just hate the lack of transportation! There's a huge snowball fight down town and unless I feel like walking the 5 miles to it, I'm going to be stuck at home

alison said...

Your snow day activities echoed exactly what I did today! We made round little sprinkle cookies - very "popable" in the mouth. I probably ate more than 10 and then noticed the calories listed at the bottom of the recipe - 150 each!

I'm so glad you liked The Weepies -I think the Christmas song is off their Happiness cd. Let me know how your amazon cd is - I want to buy a Weepies but don't know which to choose.