December 21, 2008

Last minute Charity round-up

There's still time for the holidays (or for the end of the year if you are tax-write-off-minded) to give to some great charities. Some involve sending money - although buying goats is fun, some require little more than clicking on words (with helpful pronunciation aids) or a button to give a donation to those in need. You can help out a teacher or someone trying to start a business, help the animals, donate to a hospital or a religious charity helping the poor, give a child a book, help out some nice nuns, and if you are unsure of any charity, you can look them up here before you donate. Some of the easiest ways are community based - a lot of animal shelters welcome old towels and blankets and pet food (call first) besides money, check your local newspaper to see if there are toy or coat drives, schools and religious places often have charity events, and of course, they may be annoying at times, but when they are ringing that bell, drop in a buck or two (it really does go to the poor). I would like to think we can change the world - and even if it is just a little bit here or there, I think it matters.


Anonymous said...

I love this charity post! is another great one!

alison said...

Thanks for posting this, Susan! I'm going to forward the info.