August 11, 2008

thoughts on wanderlust

Was writing a review of a book on Goodreads and thought I would drag some of it here since it (the book) got me to thinking about travel. You've seen the book in bookstores, I'm sure... A 1,000 places to see before you die. Well, I thought that this book really sets the bar a bit high. A thousand places just assumes right off that you have time and money since the rest of us drones have trouble getting time off to go visit Aunt Ida in Des Moines. I mean, come on. We were skimming through it at work - I cannot imagine anyone actually reading the whole thing unless they had a highlighter in hand and index cards 'cause that is how they roll. However, besides realizing I will not ever see 100 things at the rate I am going, it also made me realize I have questionable aim in the places I would choose compared to the higher end choices laid out in this puppy.
So - let's just assume you have ten places to go because really, just going from the couch to the kitchen and back to the couch can be exhausting some evenings, yes?
Well. 1) I want to eat a slice of key lime pie in Key West.
2) I want to go to Scotland and if I don't go soon, my daughter says she will clonk me over the head and drag me there as she is sick of hearing about it.
3) I want to see San Francisco because my mother loved it.
4) I don't want to see Niagara Falls but the husband has some obsession with it and I imagine it would be sort of cool to take one of those little boat rides where everyone wears rain slickers, so I have to include it.
5) Pablo Neruda's house in Chili. Isla Negra. And could I just move in?
6) Portland, Maine but without children as I have heard the combination of bookstores and restaurants is lovely...
7) England - but Virginia's England and C.S. Lewis' England and Mole and Ratty's England. A cousin-in-law who lives there said I shouldn't actually see England as the England in my head is really far more beautiful and quite fictional.
8) Long backroads and good b-b-q and people that say "hey".
9) Watch the sun set in a desert. Any desert.
10) Open to suggestions and changes of heart.

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