August 9, 2008

Fish love and furniture

A small and solo road trip last weekend - I was aiming for a crafts show but got sidetracked by a sign for a sale at the Lillian August outlet in Norwalk, Ct... I don't usually bring a camera into a store with me, but it was a happy accident that I had mine in my bag - I love the textures of the iron against the brick, the cement, the glass.

I love the beach bone weathered wood feeling - this couch was corduroy and as comfortable as a favorite pair of autumn pants...

I am generally not a big shopper but I found wandering around in the store with a camera very pleasing - the price tags even on sale were beyond me but it started turning into an explore of things I like.

I loved the wood of the old shelves and bins although I was a bit surprised to realize that people buy cleaned up pine cones and bark and seed pods from stores rather than finding them on walks. It was like finding those bags of seashells and dried up starfish at craft stores and feeling sad that a starfish ended up dried in a bag just waiting for somebody's glue gun to stick it on something.

But what made me so very happy was to see this fish. He was the reason I got sidetracked. The husband and I went here about a year ago to look at chairs before we realized we have Lillian August taste and an Ikea budget. But I fell in love. This is a great big whomping fish - and his wooden tale could move side to side the way it is hinged. He looks like he's made out of an old tin shack and he speaks to me. I was so happy to see him again - and me with with a camera! It was meant to be.

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