June 28, 2008

shadow people

Ooh, sounds so spooky, shadow people. Brought along the camera on a dusk turned dark walk - trying to capture some of the magic of that time of evening. After I was trying in vain to capture our shadows, the husband points that I had the flash on - which would, of course, eliminate the shadows...duh. So many pictures later (including one where I am trying to get a slimmer shadow, so sad, and one where it was vaguely pornographic, blame the husband's whimsical sense of humor) this is the result, cheater cheater, a tad enhanced on the Ofoto sight otherwise it would be a blah. I do like the road shadow and lawn shadow effect - yes?
Meanwhile some mysterious creature is rumoured to be running amok through the neighborhood. Described as not a coyote, much larger, with scary eyes, and also described as "terrifying creature" by a gal in a car the previous evening (hello, where are your meds?) so of course, we look. No Mungo the Monster, just rabbits and a very silly woman trying standing in the road trying to capture shadows. (Would that not be cool if Mungo turned up as a background fleeting image? I'd be so thrilled).

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