June 15, 2008

Father's Day

The daughter's plan, a surprise jaunt to Muscoot Farm, http://www.muscootfarm.org/ , baby sheep (love sheep, they are misunderstood), the smell of hay and dirt. A farmer's market today, possibly the world's best pesto discovered http://www.buddhapesto.com/
a car ride full of memory chatter, places we've been, things we love - green, Vermont, coast, New England, sweet tea, North Carolina, when we did this and that, a happy Father sated from gifties and treats and a morning of scrambled eggs and good intentions, an afternoon of hot sun and a very licky calf who gently nibbled on his hand.


Nan said...

I love that garden with the arbors and those blue things - might they be bean supports? It is just beautiful. What a nice way to celebrate.

Susan said...

Thanks, Nan. I imagine it must be pretty terrific to open your front door and find a farm right there waiting for you!