June 30, 2008

Do it yourself docent

I like this site about the artist Joseph Cornell and the Thoreau quote they find applicable to his work: "the question is not what you look at, but what you see."


Also, here, for a short film, Faces in the Flower (S?) that I found compelling although I wasn't sure why beyond the lovely children's faces...


but like Cornell, assembled meaningful nothings, found objects, so many of these good odd things that I respond to are like the best poems - they let me in but keep their mysteries even after my examinations.


Jeff said...

Here is a poem such as you describe for Joseph Cornell.


jmac said...

Hi Susan,

I just would like to thank you for mentioning my video and for your beautiful, thoughtful remarks about this work. I am delighted to discover your blog, and I especially love the photos!

So, you are a Leonard Cohen fan too? :)

Best wishes!

Susan said...

Oh, thank you, Jeff, how fantastic that you have a poem about Mr. Cornell's art. Lovely.

Jmac- not too many people have noted the nod to Cohen! Hope my mention gets others get to see your work.