January 20, 2008

poem about chocolate

In the spirit of the New Year, I am cleaning up the office area or at least attempting to... thinking how my love of words is like my love for my children - I cannot imagine my life without them, they enrich my love immeasurably, and yet sometimes they are a great big freaking drag. This house does not have enough bookshelves for one thing. I would also need about a year off work to sort though all the papers and files. So to get my mind to a better place - here is a poem that actually won me a prize of some very delicious chocolates (somehow a chocolate reward for poetry seems quite fitting).

If I was an angel,
I would fly in a chocolate heaven,
and all the sinners down below
would wish they'd listened to the Reverend.

'Cause heaven must be chocolate
(the dark kind, not the white),
and when I die, I hope to see
some chocolate (and a light!).

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