January 26, 2008

It shall be mine... and SCBWI in NYC

...and now it is. The most wonderful dictionary can be found at my local Borders - or currently, in my living room. Twice the size, a snazzy cover, introductions explaining it now includes more recent and current phrases, it is lacking in the sense of the true quirkiness of the library's ancient copy. And sadly, in their update, they omitted the most wonderful subtitle. However, it is still pretty fantastic. Nearly every page is a jolt sparking a new idea, a half written story sprung to mind. Not a bad thing to have hanging around.
Reading about an upcoming KidLit night in NYC on Fuse's blog and debating going - want to go, think would be fun, but am having trouble seeing myself getting into the city, the cold wintry city, after work for a late night meet-up. I am sleepy just considering it. And it doesn't start until nine. Isn't that jammies and tea time? (This could explain my lack of networking skills). The SCBWI conference is also insanely early the next day.... I remember the first thing I ever liked about the idea of writing was when I read about Jean Kerr about a million years ago, an article saying how she first wanted to be a writer so she could sleep late. So far the whole mom thing killed off sleeping late and now the full time job and mom thing kills off sleeping late. When did Jean Kerr ever get to sleep late in a house full of kids?

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