January 26, 2008

nods and breasts .) (.

Poetry Friday ended up being Poetry in the wee hours Saturday - but mostly I wanted to nod to the source where I pulled the poem - Poetry in Motion, 100 poems from the subways and buses, apparently was an MTA NYC thing - I lucked into the book at a used book sale but worth tracking down for purchase. Short (think short enough to fit on a sign), excellent and varied poetry.

On a completely different note - Mothering magazine keeps sending me free issues after they published a poem (okay by me), and in the recent one, an article about a rather brilliant idea put into action - a "breastaurant". If you are a woman and you have ever nursed a baby in public or looked for a place to change a diaper, you know why this rest area for nursing moms is a great thing and should be supported. Check it out at http://www.momsbreastaurant.com/ and applaud someone who saw a need and filled it.

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