August 16, 2013


Cannot access any photographs for some time while we renovate. This moving furniture and possessions, scrubbing walls, tearing up carpets, painting...probably the best work out I have had in awhile. Exhausting but empowering, and so much fun to see things start to come together. Picking the paint has been the toughest task. Over 100 shades of white - who knew? Although, some of those taupe or rose shades called white petal or sea shell are seriously just pale pink and tan, not white at all. Stuck some samples up in the wall...a tough call. Might go with Behr's Hushed White but only because my brain is refusing to think much more about it. This is an interesting way to spend a vacation although I think work will seem restful after some of this activity.


WOL said...

How exciting to be able to pull up grungy carpet and have hardwood floors underneath. Unfortunately, what's under my grungy carpet is concrete.

Susan Moorhead said...

I read about painting the concrete floors in one of the way too many house mags I get. Was all set to paint the rec room a nice slate blue but the college kid moved back and took over the space!