July 1, 2013


Have to figure out how to put up the annoying captcha thing...being attacked by spam and accidentally wiped out some good stuff trying to clean it up. What purpose does spam serve anyway? Really would like to know.


Susan Moorhead said...


WOL said...

If spam was like mosquitoes, and could be eaten by dragonflies and purple martins, then it's annoyance and biting might be justifiable because it would be food for something that needs to eat. Instead, it's even more annoying because it's totally useless and serves no earthly purpose except to be a PITA.

Susan Moorhead said...

I hear you! It just confuses me like the way so many children's sites are linked to porn sites - it's not like the kiddies can then go and buy porn, there is no finacial anything to be gained so essentially it is just to mess with their heads and hearts. Spam strikes me as a less violent version of this, pointless but somehow hurtful in a less obvious way.