February 2, 2013

restless round-up

I think Holly Golightly would appreciate a museum of shopping bags. Especially if they were from Tiffany...wait, do they have shopping bags? And are they a Tiffany blue shade? If you have Holly, you need Frank....the man is working hard here, folks. Adore this song. Would Holly take the subway? Possibly. If so, what would she be caught reading? I think she might just thumb through a Vogue magazine or be modern day with an ipad and poke around design sponge for inspiration. She probably would stay up late...later than this, but I am off to read a bit of Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander, M.D. which several sources tell me is fascinating and one source says she knows him and he is the least flaky man on the planet and that whatever he would say is the real deal...time to peruse.

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