December 4, 2012

Maine trek, rewind to Edward Gorey

The serendipity moment on a rainy Portland afternoon was discovering the Public Library was having an Edward Gorey exhibit (swoon).
Asked the powers that be milling about and they said, sure, you can photograph the exhibit, it's a public space. Unleashed!
his notebooks knock me out. Nice little bio here for the uninitiated. The rest of us are at cult status.
Love the wee books. They had a gift shop so thoughtfully alongside of the exhibit. I set about replacing some of my old books and adding new finds (some dark period I ditched my earlier small collection)...
Lovely work. His illustrations for the wonderful John Bellairs mysteries were always favorites as well.
Stir in perfection - some fantastic clam chowder (chowdah!) at this great place a short drive across town.


Anonymous said...

looks like a great exhibit Suz. Now have to hit the museum on the Cape mentioned in the bio. Joan

Nan said...

Lucky, lucky you! fantastic!
Are the shiny things pushpins? They are kinda artsy themselves!

Susan Moorhead said...

The shiny things were the reflected light from above lamps...I tried to dodge them by moving about but they were everywhere. Once you said pushpins however I could see that (turns it into one of those see it two different ways pictures!).

Cait O'Connor said...

What a fantastic exhibition.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Edward Gorey! Fantastic! Wish I could go there!