December 25, 2012

A Manhattan Merry Merry to All!

why no Sunday Quote? Well, clearly I was lazing about in this store window in Manhattan!
Wait! This is more my speed. Ah, perfect window.
I know this fellow. Last time I saw him he was having some dental issues. Glad to see they have been resolved - and he got a book deal to boot!
Even Atlas feels less weary during NYC holiday cheery!
Fifth Avenue all decked out
And a man proposed to his girlfriend right here and she said yes! We liked the big smooch but my 13 year old was slightly appalled at the PDA!
This sort of display was far more to his liking!
As well as visiting our furry, finny, feathery friends at the Central Park Zoo.
And the best of all was spending the day with my dear friend, Caren, and my youngest - who says there isn't any holiday magic left? Merry Christmas, everyone!


Anonymous said...

The city is so gorgeous during Christmas time! Great pics!

Bill said...

great pics!!

Susan Moorhead said...


Cait O'Connor said...

Lovely bright pics to cheer a grey wet Wales!

susan said...