November 5, 2012

Post Sandy...library thoughts

Was really impressed and touched to see how the libraries played such an important role for our community - we were rocking with huge crowd of folks, people came in for lights and heat and to plug in their phones, etc. but also for information, for cheer, for the relief of a good book (can always read by flashlight!), for a place to hang out and feel their spirits lift - I feel very fortunate to be part of the library world, feeling at times I get to do some small part in helping out - even if it is just offering a bit of goodwill when life becomes overwhelming... we finally got power back after midnight first the power came on and then went off immediately and my poor youngest just got so upset...we had been without since Monday evening and no heat or light is very wearing after a spell...happy to report we have power back and yesterday even cable came back on. Fingers crossed the Weds. Nor'easter does not cause any more troubles for everyone... Hope everyone is safe and warm.

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