November 29, 2012

Ogunquit Library

Oldies like this always charm me in library shelves and used book stores - the kind of book I would have found appealing. This is from the children's section of the Ogunquit Public Library - more a shelf or two reserved for kids in this small but gorgeous library. The librarian was seated at a large desk before a magnificent stone fireplace so there is no photo of that. It is library old school, the hushing kind.
Just a stone's throw from out home base right off the Marginal Way.
Someone should do a tour of New England libraries and produce a book. They would have to include the tiniest library I have ever seen in Chatham, Mass. and glories like this stone beauty.
Was amazed to see an actual working card catalog.


Bill said...

I think the librarian was allergic to human beings

Lynn said...

I had a summer resident card there 30 years ago, and I walked by every day on my way to work at a local restaurant. It was always soothing to stop in and pick up a book on my way home. I always found something worth reading.

Susan Moorhead said...

Lynn, that sounds like a wonderful time. I bet Ogunquit had more a wild tang to it then. It is lovely but quite built up for the tourists now.

Anonymous said...

The card catalogue, yes, a wonder to behold for an old librarian's daughter! Joan

Anonymous said...
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