July 20, 2012

Setting up a rock garden

There is the giant rock in my back yard, freed at last from overgrown clumpy bushes and mid-sized trees that had taken it over in the last decade.  Now I can see the back of the garden and the whole view is opened up.  Will post a photo when I can figure out the whole Shutterfly to blog photo thing hopefully this weekend.
Meanwhile, cruising the net looking for inspiration.  Some wonderful ideas already percolating from the beautiful photos at the blog
A Round Rock Garden - scroll down for photos of a wee garden visitor.  I would like a lot of lavender, such a gorgeous plant that we have had some success with in containers.  I learn I am in zone 7 ish from this blog on northeastern gardening - Long Island just being across the way from here.  Like the reference list from Wild Ginger Farm - and what an evocative name.  Landscape design here has some good references...I am beginning to realize this is going to be a work in progress for some time.  Looking for ideas for hardy herbs and plants that don't require a lot of pampering.

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