July 29, 2012

Margaret Mahy, Sunday Quotes

Being a librarian certainly helped me with my writing because it made me even more of a reader, and I was always an enthusiastic reader. Writing and reading seem to me to be different aspects of a single imaginative act.
Every writer has to find their own way into writing.
Margaret Mahy, one of my favorite writers whose work had great whimsy and a sense of wonder about the world, has passed away.  She wrote for children and young adults, stories and novels and picturebooks and poetry from her home in New Zealand.


Nan said...

Thank you for making note of her passing. I hadn't heard. I went here


to see her titles, and there a lot! I had no idea she had written so much. I can't seem to find one I read when the kids were younger.I was sure I had read something by her but I guess not. Still, a famous name to me.

Maybe you can help me to remember what book I am thinking of. There's a playground, and a girl goes into the past. I was sure MM had written it. Seems like it was a New Zealand or perhaps Australian writer??

Susan said...

Nan, I have looked through descriptions of a number of her books and cannot find one that sounds like that. I am not familiar with the work of too many overseas authors unless they are republished in the USA. If you do discover it, I'd love to know. By the way, loving the camera, great advice!