February 8, 2012

The geese are too early

Two geese, not this exact pair, appear every year on a large vee of grass in between connecting roads about two thirds of a mile from my house. Once we realized this was an every Spring thing, we started looking for them in March or April, enjoying the way they herald Spring for us more than the robins. I was sad to see them today standing on their same spot at least a month sooner than they should be here. I worry for them; the weather suddenly now remembering it is winter, halfway into a walk today I turned back, my yoga pants no match for the thirty-something temperature. I hope these geese are wintering geese who know how to deal with the cold and possible snow like some of the ones who seem to never leave, like the rest of us middle-class folk, summering where they winter and vice versa (with a nod to Fran Lebowitz).

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