December 19, 2011

Don't want this light bill

Every year we enjoy swinging by this house a half mile or so from ours and taking a gander at their ever-growing display (much more than I have portrayed here, half my photos came out blurry). The youngest, now 12, is so over the whole thing, so the 25 year old and I enjoyed it (she's getting old enough to get nostalgic!). Usually the joint is jumping but we went late on a Monday night and had it pretty much to ourselves.


Nan said...

Isn't it so funny how they change from that pre-teen outlook to a mid-twenties outlook. It is one of life's miracle/mysteries. We have one of those houses just across the road, and the kids can hear the music, yes there is music, too! outside in their yard. It is 'too much' probably but oh, the retired man is so delightful and delighted about it all. He does smaller displays at Easter and Hallowe'en too. I love the windows in the one you visit. Really cool.

Susan said...

I am appreciating things so much this year even with the hustle and bustle...must be an age thing for me too!