December 9, 2011

Back when - and blogger mystery

I must be the last person in the USA to not know that Ceelo's song "Forget You" is not really that F word. So much for that music in my car this morning on route to work. I only knew the Glee version which is not what comes out from my interlibrary-loaned Ceelo Green, The Lady Killer, cd I played (briefly) this morning. I ended up singing along to this song to recover.

Then onto here where my header photo is not the photo I thought was up, a cropped version of a mug on a quilt photo - at home on my computer, it is a closeup of the mug and a bit of the quilt and I think it is quite appealing. At work where I nearly never do a thing to my blog - it is the whole quilted mat in the slightly grimy storefront window, a quick snapshot in Edinburgh last summer. So - any blogger friends reading this - which picture do y'all see - the close-up one or the whole storefront one? And what weirds me out is how did blogger get the whole storefront one when the one I uploaded to blogger was my cropped and saved version? Can blogger go into your Kodak account and pull out random photos? Weird.

Oh, nostalgia, when you just played your radio and it was whatever came up - the best when a favorite song came up, when it was so rare to hear anyone swear on the street everybody would turn and look if somebody did, when stuff on tv before ten pm didn't make you have to tell the kids to leave the room, oh, yes, nostalgia Friday, my Dad should have lived long enough to see his youngest daughter going on like this, how he'd be laughing.


WOL said...

I saw the closeup shot of just the mug and a little bit of quilt until today. Mysterious!

Joan Perry; Sidewalk Curator said...

I see the whole view. Tricky things happen some times.

Susan said...

Thanks, I am now getting the whole thing, earlier just the little bit. Weird.

Welcome back, Joan! I'll have to check your blog and see if you have photos of your adventure up.

Anonymous said...

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