June 28, 2011


Tucker is exhausted from doing a wild run all through the house - an occasional pre-bed insanity where he runs room to room snapping at the air, nipping at curtains and bed quilts, giving everyone wild eyes and a full view of his shiny white teeth. In a large dog this would be terrifying. In a ten pound fake poodle (mini poodle/bichon mix), it is amusing, usually drawing a small family crowd, all of us shaking our heads. Trying to get a decent photo of this dog is ridiculously hard, he is constant movement and black on black. I usually get a dark blur. So I am quite pleased with these despite the messy room backdrop - and I love the one that shows him at his loopy best - underbite and floppy ears. He can ricochet from handsome to downright goofy looking in a flash. Very silly, this Tucker pup.

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Nan said...

We call this behavior 'crazy dog.' :<) Tucker is just so adorable. I just wanna pat him.