June 23, 2011

More NYBG photos

The Lillian Goldman Fountain of Life Statue - supposedly merpeople frolicking (in the pool below which you cannot see here but you can online) with these giant crabs in front of some mer-siege of some sort with water nymphs and dolphin things - however the merpeople in the pool have legs and the lady has quite a tush and all you see besides them are giant metal crab legs sticking out of the water - until we read online that they were merpeople, we thought they had been some weird morphed crab-people thing, a bit strange but then again, art, you know. All in all, quite compelling and dramatic in that tribute statue way but honestly, part of you does think when looking at it that it looks like a tribute to sci fi films of night of the crab people or something.
The house is the house I will have built if I win the lottery. In the children's section, it's ginormous, has huge spaces rooms with vaulted ceilings, a greenhouse that is taking forever to complete, artsy areas, big upstairs for the workers only (where I would have our sleeping lofts) and just solid and yet airy like the best boat ever. I love buildings that remind me of boats.
A complaint. My hostas do not look like their hostas. Ever.
And a nice leafy ladybug to say howdy as you meander down the greeny trails.

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