April 29, 2011

In my mind I've gone to Carolina

It was not a fun road trip, gone to see an ailing relative, but a road trip is an adventure nontheless...loved the guitar sticker in the back window of the Airstream trailer (would it not be fun to have one of those?), just Yankee enough to find the whole Sheriff thing way cool. Should have gone in that pawnshop (only because I have never) but we were rushing, very NC to me are those rather alarming runaway truck ramps all over, long stretches off the road where the out of control truck apparently does not slam into you but runs out of steam on the gravel runway... and of course, cow on a roof. Did not get bbq either. Who goes to North Carolina and does not eat bbq? People with partial root canal work who have to eat soft food on one side only. I mean, really. Just not right.

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