April 12, 2011

Happy Birthday, Gladys Taber

We busy ourselves too much. Now and then the well of our spirit needs time to fill up so that we can draw from it again. And when someone says to me that he or she cannot bear to be alone, I always feel sad for it means the level in the well is so low that no bucket can reach it. Also the people who skim like waterbugs over the surface of life are in a bad way when they need spiritual depths to sustain them. But those who are able to have a quiet time for a small piece of day always find an armor against trouble...

- Gladys Taber, Stillmeadow Sampler.

Ah, literary ladies of yore that I love. Jean Kerr, Madeleine L'Engle, Julia Child, Peg Bracken, and in the last year or two since I was fortunate to discover her on Nan's Letters from a Hill Farm blog (thanks, Nan!). Gladys Taber. I love her life views, her common sense, her poetic yet clearheaded gaze.

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jodi said...

She was a great author. On the subject of being alone (looked at in a different way) I am amazed when people say that they could never go to the movies, restaurants, or on vacations by themselves. It is hard but you miss so much in life if you don't.