February 11, 2011

Something to chew on

Awful! I know. I do like lame puns :)
This fantastic work of visual art and prankdom mixed - a winning combination - is a must share: someone crocheted a body cover for the Wall Street Bull - how fabulously inventive! We are especially amused considering the husband's long history with "the Street". (And no, greed is not good, it is far better to use your kindergartner lessons on sharing). Meanwhile am reading a book I tried to stop - I tend to not read books about certain subjects that do not lie easy with me - but this book, The Outlander, by short story writer and poet, Gil Adamson, is so exquisitely written, a poet's language and rhythm matched to a compelling story - that I cannot stop myself. Even away from the book, in conversation with others and such, I am thinking about the book, feeling the landscape and the interior workings of her mind...I am thinking about it now. Gotta book.


WOL said...

I'm always up for a good read. Your post just cost me $4 on Amazon.com. Should be here by Monday, weather permitting. I'll put it in the queue behind the 3rd and 4th Tuesday Next novels by Jasper Fforde.

Cait O'Connor said...

Thanks for the recommendation, I am off to look it up on Amazon. (and the library first)

Susan said...

I hope you like it four bucks worth at least!

So far I am a big fan of her writing style, so beautiful, but I cannot tell either of you if I like the ending as I am not there yet!