February 23, 2011

Heaven or Hell Cake

Every year the oldest boy gets a special cake, usually with a theme that has some level of mayhem and carnage in it...there has been the Surrender Earthlings! cake, the Evolution cake (featuring earthquakes and weird critters and major chaos), the Sacrificial Virgin to the Volcano cake (a plastic hula skirted native girl faces her end on top of the volcano), the Alien giant caterpillars coming out of a head to half torso cake of said son, and the Island of Doom where a team of oceanographers escape a sea of sharks and giant squid only to encounter man-eating creatures on the desert island...there usually is a lot of red icing and strawberry pie filling carnage as you can imagine. This year's theme more philosophical as our young man considers his life options. Choose Heaven or choose Hell. Scarier than that - our son looks suspiciously like Justin Bieber and if you press the button on his tummy, he sings.


Stephanie said...

You are sooo awesome. Was it yummy?

Nan said...

Oh, my gosh, do you make these cakes, Susan?? I am stunned. Amazed. And what a witty fun household you have. :<) Happy Birthday to my fellow Pisces.

nan said...

My name-sharing friend said it perfectly. It looks like you have a fun and lighthearted household. Birthday blessings!