January 18, 2011

a morning stroll ends with royalty

the other morning I got to work earlier than I needed to be, at the little library (I work at two libraries, one quite large and one quite small) and thought I would take a stroll. The frozen lake looked so tempting with all that expanse of untouched fluff that I was amazed no foolhardy teen attempted to cross it all day. The way the library looks through the pines makes me feel I am in Maine, not some urban/suburban library (small city so we are both). And the sign made me pause for a moment until I realized some clever vandal had blotted out the "no". Back inside, I opened up the library and realized the day before had ended with some sort of horrific battle at the castle. I greeted the last princess standing with all the respect due such a warrior queen...and then took off my snow boots and got to work :)

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WOL said...

Love the picture of the beautiful tall trees. We are supposed to get snow Thursday. I am of two minds about it. One mind says, "Finally, the northeast and the northwest have quit hogging all the moisture and are letting us have some. " The other mind says, "Watch me have to get out in it. "