November 26, 2010

Last blaze on a black Friday

It does seem like autumn's swan song, the leaves mostly down, tonight's November sky was a smoky blue with the texture and depth of blue velvet swirled with dark mauve clouds among the black stark branches of the newly shorn trees. I love November, it's wild and wooly. Once Thanksgiving is past, the doors of the season are wide open and I have Christmas on my mind...not a big crowded mall, black Friday shopping kind of gal, but here are some things I like that I have stumbled across you might enjoy for your Christmas list consideration. This great fox scarf reminds me of childhood trauma, sitting behind my Aunt who had a fur stole of entwined dead foxes, staring at me with their little marble eyes. Stocking stuffers are going to fly over to my house from Perpetual Kid, fun stuff galore including Fred design that is witty and silly. I think this inanimate office stickers are a hoot, don't you? Natural Mama with a yen for the organic, natural gift? I love this site that does all the linking to wonderful Etsy stuff where you can purchase felted fairies and amazing cloth dolls and wooden toys and the like. My daughter still raves about the perfume I got for her last Christmas from here, maybe a repeat visit in the cards. A blog that links to a huge variety of fairytale-tastic jewelery, clothing, art sites. and to wrap up - the best maple spread I know of, the blended maple one here, I buy in the high numbers whenever we go to Vermont, but now I can just click and get some maple happiness. Happy Shopping!

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Joan Perry; Sidewalk Curator said...

Wow! What amazing color! We tend to just go brown here for the most part.