November 17, 2010

How my children see me

Or have seen me...
Two are drawings by the boys at various times in my life - the first one is twenty years old and yet I still remember just thinking genius! artist! when he scribbled an actual face and said it was his mommy. Wow. That's the stuff when you have little kids. The second one where I look like a beatnik with a rose sticking out of her head was drawn fairly recently by the last child who is either keeping me young or aging me rapidly. He draws under the covers the way other kids read, very fun. The quite interesting art work by Dorothea Tanning is entitled Birthday, 1942, and is a painting my 24 year old daughter tells me always makes her think of me. Hmmmm. Where is my shirt? Who is my strange pet? The daughter is very into surrealistic art. As is the usual case with my children I am charmed, amused, and interested by all three impressions.

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