April 30, 2010

Driving around Fernandino

It is a pleasure on trips to drive by homes and play at what it would be like to live in a pink house, to know that cat, to live in a mint green house, the big house nice but I like the little homey ones with signs of life - plants and bikes, ongoing projects and the stuff of everyday laying around the porch. Love the way they built the road around the tree - that's respect, people.


mollygolver said...

Hi Susan - i like where the tree is too. Every home tells a story.I expect ours could tell one or two! It seems to be the raging fashion here nowadays for the 'powers that be' to build rows and rows of 'little boxes' with no personalities. Ours is a rambling old place, built in 1764 and is stamped all over with all the people who have passed through it over the years

Susan said...

the first question my 23 year old daughter would have after hearing the year 1764 (wow!) would be: Any ghosts?

Nan said...

Oh, I love those houses. What a different world. I do what you do, as well. Even when I read a book or see a movie, I sort of imagine myself in the setting. In a place like this, I also think about creatures. I've heard about the big cockroaches in Florida, and fleas, and alligators. I think I'd rather be north. :<)