March 12, 2010

A sure and strange sign it's Spring

Every year for what seems a decade, two geese return to this strange vee of land that would seem absolutely undesirable. It's close to water - about a block away, but it seems fraught with peril - open to prowlers and growlers, no cover, and of course, very little charm. But they return to it every year, and every year when I drive by and see them, my heart sings a little.


mollygolver said...

Its amazing how much NY looks so like over here. The geese are a welcome sight even if they are risking life and limb. We went to Howards for a meal today, there were about 4 geese on the bank peering through the window - so lovely to see them. It's been very frosty at nights but the sun is glorious during the day - perhaps Spring isn't too far way after all.

alison said...

I always love when I see two geese together, with their whole mate-for-life thing going on!