March 17, 2010

Lights, heat, power, bliss.

Everything came back at about ten last night... four days and three nights is more than enough deprivation - it was quite miserable and certainly affords one empathy towards those who do not have warmth and shelter and light. It struck all of us that it was just so hard to rally, to sally forth into the day with any kind of spirit, and I cannot imagine how it must be to live in a car or on the street or be in situations that are long term like Katrina survivors or Haitians post Earthquake. It is not just a matter of discomfort, it wears you down, the cold, damp, darkness. But the lights are back, the heat came in at the same time as the sun, the house is being cleaned up and bleached (ugh flooding) and we are just so grateful that our home did not get the damage so many others had. Thank you all for your good thoughts and kind words.


mollygolver said...

Susan, so pleased you've got the power back.You must have had some storm looking at the uprooted trees. It really does make your heart go out to those caught up in floods and earthquakes and glad that there are agencies and selfless people out there to offer some kind of comfort to them.

Joan Perry; Sidewalk Curator said...

Wow. I am just catching up with you adventures here. What a mess! Poor you.

Anonymous said...

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