February 26, 2010

Shoebox clean-up

This site because an article said something about a happy farmer kitchen composter kit and I am already thinking spring and gardening (I want a really kickass salad garden this year to make up for last year's pathetic tomatoes). Just one of the torn out scraps of paper for things to look up that over-occupy my time. This book recommended by a library patron (just that it had Hullabaloo in it sounded good). A note from an artist's booth at a summer fair where I bought some gorgeous and unusual earrings. This from a bundling your interests online article...some info I came across while trying to locate Anthony Phillips music (since all our ancient beloved cassette tapes barely play any longer). A note that says women should have a 32" waist for optimum health (toss that in the bin, feh!). Scribble of Johnny Mercer's name since cbs Sunday morning did a piece on him (and Moon River is one of my favorite songs). and notes from a Sunday morning (again!) news show - this one on creativity - where Dr. Nancy Andreasen said creative people "not just curious about what they do, they're curious about all kinds of things, they're adventuresome, they push the envelope, they're rebellious, they tend to have a sense of humor>". She also said on the show that creative people have the same kind of brain structure, different patterns of activity with highly developed abilities to see relationships and develop associations. So much more, I despair. I am a paper packrat.


mollygolver said...

Hi Susan - oh can't I just identify with you and your shoe box. I've been having a brivet in a box we keep in the spare room - I was actually looking for an Oxford dictionary I've got salted away 'somewhere'. I found parish magazines going back to 1995, some old course work I did on a business studies course I did about 12 years ago, a very useful booklet I sent off for on 'how to write articles that sell' (never did crack that one) and all sorts of very un-useful bits of information. Never did find my dictionary which will probably be obvious :>) xxxx

Susan said...

It is so hard to get rid of anything (because then, of course, you need it!).

alison said...

Hi Susan,

Your box soundsjust like the little basket I have under my phone!

I'm going to try that Hullabaloo book - I like this quote from the website:
"But the world is round," says his grandmother. "Wait and see! Even if it appears he is going downhill, he will come up on the other side. Yes, on top of the world. He is just taking the longer route."

Nan said...

"A note that says women should have a 32" waist for optimum health (toss that in the bin, feh!)' I'd like to know more about this one! Usually they say that is a dangerous thing in terms of diabetes and other stuff.

I love Johnny Mercer's work. There was a wonderful show about him on TCM a while back done by Clint Eastwood, and it is now on a save at Netflix. That means it should be available sometime, hopefully soon. Maybe it will be shown again on Turner too.

Susan said...

Hi Nan, there was a lot of info about the smaller waist ratio for better health on the Dr. Oz show - a fairly recent one - might be good info on the website.