February 12, 2010

Goose ponderings

Driving back to work after lunch (yes, I'm a lucky duck, speaking of water fowl, two days a week I am at the little library a few miles from my house) and there were a group of geese (gaggle of, yes?) nearing a stream. The bank inclining towards the stream was slippery with ice and steep and the geese in the back were giving each other openly doubtful looks as if to say "well, this is a bad idea". They were following several geese intent on making the icy stream. Mind you there is an enormous lake they could go muck around in also without a steep incline...so what was being said in goose talk? And who got to decide who leads and who follows? It really has been that kind of day. Seeing my youngest staring intently out the window this morning, I asked him his thoughts...he said he was wondering how long it would take him to eat a mountain of corned beef hash and he thought an hour. He said this in a longing dreamy fashion, no doubt trying to overcome the disappointment of cereal. Of course, I could not criticize having just been entertaining such a lofty thought as - if I were the Emily Blunt character in the Werewolf movie (which I have only seen in a commercial), would I be brave and true enough with my beloved to run out in the dark woods and try to save my werewolf boyfriend? Well, for the late great WZ or my beloved dh, maybe. You?
(art credit - swiped from this bank street teacher, artist and performer site, check it out).

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Kate on Clinton said...

Yes, gaggle! And I wonder why they just didn't fly to the stream, instead of struggling with the ice. I was hoping you'd see the ones in front slip, slide and bowl down the ones in the back.