September 17, 2009

Tonight's why aren't I asleep yet quiz silliness

Your result for The Classic Dames Test...

Carole Lombard

You scored 21% grit, 10% wit, 52% flair, and 33% class!

You're a little bit of a fruitcake, but you always act out in style. You have a good sense of humor, are game for almost anything, but you like to have nice things about you and are attracted to the high life. You're stylish and modern, but you've got a few rough edges that keep you from attaining true sophistication. Your leading men include William Powell, Fredric March, and Clark Gable. Watch out for small planes.


Nan said...

So great! Did you agree with your result?? From what I've gotten to know about you, it seems right! Did you see mine on the sidebar? pretty darn accurate. :<) I love things like this.

Susan said...

I got the quiz from your blog! And it is freakily accurate. Kind of spooky :)