September 6, 2009

Sunday Quote

Keep it simple. Forget what you want. Forget what you need. Forget what you had and lost. Just write down what you have, right now, in your life. Whatever it is - the smell of plums from your backyard tree wafting on the morning breeze, the sight of your seven-year-old son stumbling into the kitchen with his hair sticking up, the feel of the sun on your skin. If you heard a funny joke at work today, put that in. If you were good at your job today, put that in, too (even if you hate the job itself). Put in your family, books, the taste of a hot dog at a ballgame, your dog, making love, eating peaches, and the sound of the newspaper thumping on the porch.
- Author forgotten - on my bulletin board for years.

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Nan said...

Great, great words!