May 27, 2009

Wedsnesday Ratty Blues

Sometimes a new cover is just as good or fabulous in a whole different way than the original... so it is with this song...keeping me sane as I drove around on a day off hunting down party items for an upcoming kid (double digits!) gig, unable to move my neck in either direction due to some injury which added a level of thrill to local driving...

The sad of the day, my daughter's beloved pet rat passed. I am not a fan of rats, my attitude towards them could be aptly described as terror, but Caden was a gentle soul in a rat body. As is the way of mothering, I am sad because my child is sad. We always carry that, don't we?

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Manic Insanity said...

Two months later, he is still missed. I loved Caden so much and I'm really happy he somewhat changed your outlook on rats among other people.