May 29, 2009

Animal Portraits

Round-up of various animal portraits taken this past Spring. We have been a house of animals plus us in varying numbers for years. Even when we were outnumbered to alarming extents, salamanders found beneath the washer, hamster strolling in a bathroom at three in the morning, I have always enjoyed this jumbled liveliness they bring to our household. We still miss Caden. Em, our old dog is so totally senile we are ready to flip, the young black dog was just given a light that switches on at night so he's visible in the dark...I tell the daughter it's like hanging a neon flashing "Eat at Joe's" sign on his neck for the local wandering coyote. I thought, by the way, the sheep (ewe? ram? can rams be female?) had such a fascinating face, like an old woman about to deliver the most delicious gossip.


Nan said...

Susan, I love the top sheep face. Do you know the breed? Rams are the boys, by the way. :<)

I have a little favor to ask. Could you please come back to my blog and leave your comment? It began with something like, always known as a Suzy... What happened is I got THREE spams, and as I was moderating and deleting them, I accidentally deleted yours. I'm so sorry.

Susan said...

Glad to, Nan. And can ewes have horns? Or only rams?

Susan said...

My email from the very nice people at the ZooQuarium in Cape Cod, Ma in response to Nan's question reads: Hi Sue
The sheep in question are Old English Southdowns, also known as "Baby Dolls"

Good to know! Please visit them if you go to the Cape. They have a website and it is fun for everyone plus they rescue animals which is so great.

Nan said...

Yes, though none of our rams or ewes do. But both our female (nanny!!) goats have horns. I wondered if it was a Southdown. I'd like to get a couple someday. Ours now are a Romney/Border Leicester mix, I believe. Thank you so much for going to all that trouble, Susan!